to-do (təˈduː)
n, pl -dos
    a commotion, fuss, or quarrel

todo [Spanish] (toh-doh)
3. (totality)
    a. everything

This is the current list of things I'm planning on working on for


  • Switch from chromium browsers to firefox for screenshots and caching. Chromium is extremely unreliable, and hangs while taking screenshots.

    • Use mozrunner to control the firefox process:
    • Implement minimal Marionette support in recense to extract screenshots and the DOM for caching
  • Add reloading mechanism for the screenshots, so they load automatically when they're ready

High priority

  • Adding a tag containing a dash results in the dash disappearing
  • Show signup/login errors to user
  • Clean design of login page

Medium priority

  • Clean up edit_pin_data, it's mostly duplicated code from add_pin
  • Add blog section to talk about the project itself?
  • Make search query persist when adding/deleting bookmarks
  • Add way to edit user info/password
  • Add way to delete accounts
  • Add bookmark pagination
  • Add server-side logging
    • Add performance tracking to see when we start running into issues with that
  • Setup automated backup system

Low priority

  • Keep track of bookmark creation and modification dates independently?
  • Add tag suggestions when entering tag field
  • Add other sorting mechanisms for bookmarks
  • Add tag sorting options
  • Add mobile support to the CSS layout
  • Implement getting a website's title to automate link naming?
  • Warn when adding the same URL twice?
  • Handle failure to download link


  • Implement proper REST API to interact with the data

Bulk editing

Being able to perform operations on many bookmarks sounds like it's gonna be important in the future. Should keep that in mind.